Friday, September 4, 2009

Paul’s appeal for your donation to the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter

On a cold January morning I first dreamed of the idea to ride across our great land and, in so doing, raise money for a local non-profit group that rehabilitates wildlife. Both of these goals are being fulfilled. It is wonderful to see the number of people following my progress across these United States. I am lifted by your words of encouragement and delighted to see folks donating money to an organization that I volunteer for during my free time.

I have biked over 3000 miles and have just a few days left. To those folks that have donated to Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter (OWLS), I say, thank you! Your money will be used to help wildlife on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. Indeed, this is the wildlife that makes the Southern Outer Banks such a beautiful place to live and visit. To the folks that have not donated, I am asking for your support. I have just a few days left in my journey, but there is still time to donate through the website (www.pedal4wildlife .org) or by mailing a donation to OWLS (100 Wildlife Way, Newport, NC 28570). Remember, 100 percent of your donations are being used to support OWLS. Thank you for your support!

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