Thursday, September 3, 2009

Empowered by Working at OWLS - Post from Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter volunteer

The following post was written by, Pat, who volunteers for the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter. 100% of the donations to my cross-country bike ride will benefit OWLS. Please donate (link on right-hand side of this page)

Have you ever seen an injured bird on the road or have one fly into your window or have a squirrel dart out in front of a car and still be breathing? Or how about that turtle that was sort of run over by a lawn mower? What do you do? You know that you can’t take these wildlife creatures to dog and cat veterirnarians and you feel so helpless. These were my experiences and feelings for a long time before I began volunteering at OWLS.

That all changed when I heard about this wonderful wildlife shelter in Eastern North Carolina. I began volunteering in the spring of 2005. Because this was baby bird season the timing was perfect. Lots on injured babies or babies separated from their moms who needed to be fed and loved during daylight hours. Well I got in with both feet and haven’t stopped for the past 4 years.

There is nothing as fantastic as picking up a little tweeter who is desperate for food and lets you know every 30 minutes! Never did I think that I would be feeding meal worms or earthworms to birds but now I am a pro. When I leave my shift during baby bird or squirrel season I am happily exhausted. I am part of a team of wonderful staffers and volunteers who are as exuberant as I about helping wildlife survive.

Oh by the way, I now am one of those people who go out and do rescues of the injured birds, squirrels, owls, ducks, egrets, pelicans and many other creatures. I know what to do and many times because of my rescues and delivery back to OWLS these creatures have a fighting chance of survival. Without OWLS what do you think would happen to all the needy and injured little ones?

Empowered Pat


  1. The world needs more people like Pat in the those who are selfless...Sharkie

  2. The world needs more people like self-less.