Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 6 Cold Rain Emmett – Lowman, ID 76 miles

Today was a very tough day, and for the exact opposite reasons of several days earlier. When I awoke, a cold hard rain was already in force. I procrastinated in Emmett, not particularly interested in braving the elements. After roughly 30 miles through desert, I finally started making my way up the beautiful Payette River valley. The weather had me thinking of the summer of 1993, when I was a tech for the Forest Service. That summer I saw it snow in August, and at an altitude not much different from the one I pedaled through today. Sure enough, a forest ranger reported snow in the Sawtooth Range. What a crazy change in weather. The river ran high from recent rain. Vertical rain, horizontal rain, all bone chilling. Today it came from all directions with all intensities. I thought of a famous bike racer who struggled through the Tour on days like these. I shared the pain. Twenty-four hours from now today will feel like a long time ago. Then I will raise a glass to the weather God, because today she got the best of me.

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