Saturday, January 5, 2013

P4W2 Day 0.1 Pacific Beach, CA - Pacific Beach, CA 0.4 miles

For Morehead City-Beaufort, NC followers of my blog, the journey west to San Diego yesterday started with an amazing coincidence. Fully anticipating a dull flight from New Bern to Atlanta, I instead had the good fortune of sitting next to Dave MaCartney. I had never met Dave before, but know his father Norm, as many of you do. Norm is a fixture along the Morehead City bike paths and swimming lanes. Dave gave me the good news that Norm is recovering nicely after is recent surgery in New Bern. Sitting next to Dave was a great start to an unexpectedly nice travel day. Everywhere I turned, strangers had good advice. And its easy to see why folks like San Diego. I landed to temps in the 70s, no wind, and no clouds. The folks at the helpful Hi-Tec Bike Shop, who reassembled my bike, called it the country's perfect weather. Agreed. My kind of winter riding weather!

Day 1 was a humble beginning to a long trip. Actually the slightly arduous :) 0.4 miles today was going the wrong direction!... so I could catch a photograph on the beach with my nephew Austin and his fiance Shelley, who are graciously putting me up in San Diego and had just retreated from surfing an ocean chilled by the southbound California Current.

San Diego is a massive city that seems stuck between two climates. Birds of Paradise, citrus trees, and towering palm give it a tropical feel, but the cold night air hints of a true winter at locations not far away. Indeed, it is hard to imagine two more different zip codes than San Diego California and Carteret North Carolina. But each locale is flanked by an ocean. And, remarkably, they're connected by a long winding road.

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