Saturday, January 26, 2013

P4W2 Day 20 Kyle - Oldenburg, TX 94 miles

It was amazing how abruptly I pedaled out of the Hill Country
first thing this morning upon crossing I-35.  The land east
of there is much flatter.  And the southeast type weather
is in east Texas - hot and humid.  Today was 85 F.  I can only imagine
what it would be like in the summer here. 

Many sights and sounds became familiar to me today.  When an increasingly
greater amount of traffic wasn't rumbling by, I heard cardinals,
chickadees, and a tremendous number of bluebirds.  Red tailed hawks
were a familiar sighting.  I even saw a crested caracara, a bird I had
not seen since my last time in south Florida.    Trees we are familiar
with in the east that I passed today included hickories, white oaks,
and my first loblolly pines of the trip.

The vibe of East Texas is dramatically different than West Texas from
a biker's perspective.  Here bikes are UFOs (unwanted fleeing objects).
One full sized truck-trailer today unleashed his horn on me from a mere
five feet away.  Bike shops have some real start-up spirit about them in east Texas...seems like a tough place to bike!

Today I passed two historic courthouses.  One was located in Lockhart,
the other in LaGrange.  Both of these late 19th century limestone buildings
were several stories tall and had very pretty bell towers.  These stately structures
really framed the town squares.  La Grange has a quilting museum with very
tasteful murals on the west side of its building.

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