Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The start of something new

Friday January 4th I fly to the west coast to commence 'Pedal 4 Wildlife II', my charity ride for the Outer Banks Wildlife Shelter (OWLS).  My actual riding will commence this weekend.  To those of you that have donated to OWLS through my ride, thank you!!!   To those of you that are considering a donation, your support is greatly appreciated.  OWLS plans to use your generous support to expand its Pelican Pool for treatment of sick and injured brown pelicans it receives throughout the year, especially during the cold winter months.

Which brings me to my own cold!  My route has gradually shifted southward based on my own homework, advice of friends, and extensive study of maps that indicate potential snow-free passes this time of year (quite few!).    Far from the lovely Sawtooths of central Idaho (pictured) that I visited on my first Pedal 4 Wildlife in 2009, I will nonetheless be getting to some potentially snowy elevations in New Mexico and Texas.   My route will take me quite close to the southern U.S. border for the majority of the way across the country.  I am hopeful that the cold January winds giving flight to raptors in the heartland will also push me onward through the start of the newest year.

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