Friday, February 1, 2013

P4W2 Day 26 Natchez State Park - Jackson, MS 96 miles

A fine day of pedaling on the Natchez Trace Parkway.  Just
wonderful scenery all day on a well maintained road.  I
wound through a mixture of hardwood and softwood forests,
over rolling terrain.  Red-shoulder and red-tailed hawks,
bluebirds, red-headed woodpeckers, and nuthatches were all
seen in abundance today.  In a swamp close to Jackson, I
spotted a blue heron rookery;  the wispy nests had survived
the windstorm a couple days earlier.  Many trees had fallen across the road as a result of the storm.

What makes the scenery so good along the Parkway is that
it is a commercial-free zone.  No advertisements.  Litter
is rare.  Lots of well-maintained exhibits and farms along
the road.  And a super-smooth road surface that makes pedaling
easier and quieter. 

One of my stops today was in front of an historic home in
the really sleepy town of Port Gibson.  Figured I better
take a photo of blooming flowers while I could before I passed
them to the north!

Lots of folks have asked what I eat.  Late in the day I was riding
well (read: comfortably!) and spotted a Fresh Market right near
downtown Jackson.  Taking a loaded touring bike through a rush
hour roundabout in the state's biggest city will turn some heads!
After several days on small and limited grocery stores, I was
overwhlemed in the bountiful Fresh Market;  I picked up a real motley
crue of stuff that I then ate for dinner; one pound fresh salad,
two hard boiled eggs, four stuffed grape leaves, one package (4
servings) imitation crab meat (Alaskan pollock), one mango protein smoothie,
4 ounces chocolate covered pretzels, one package bagel chips,
one quart tangerine juice, one can smoked almonds, and one Pay Day bar.  After eating this,
the whole loaf of pumpkin walnut bread looked out of place in my
tent, so I ate it too.

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