Saturday, February 9, 2013

P4W2 Day 34 Anderson - Chester, SC 99 miles

After yesterday's beating from the rain I woke up with
puffy eyes.  I had to blink out a lot of rain drops after
giving up on yet another pair of so-called 'anti-fog'

After 30 years of pretty enterprising outdoor activities
I am still really stunned how much the weather can dictate
the terms of the experience.  To say that today's ride was
different than Day 33 would be an under-statment.  This
difference was largely due to the rain yesterday, and lack of
rain today.  I had wanted to stay in the South Carolina
Mountains yesterday but glad I dropped south because it was
likely a few degrees warmer, which made the sting of rain
not quite as bad as it would have been at higher mountain elevations.  I would
suspect some of the higher passes of the southern Apps got
snow yesterday.  I hope those AT thru-hikers had a good book and
a dry lean-to to park it in during the storm.

Today's route wound through some picturesque piedmont roads
of western South Carolina.  The air was filled
with the scent of loblolly pine.    The traffic was not too bad. Upon looking
back at some photos from the first couple weeks of the trip, I
realize that I have definitely accepted a new norm for shoulder
widths over the course of the trip;  many wide shoulders and
deserted roads out west, the exact opposite here!
And the desert weather seems like a lifetime ago; I crossed countless
muddy streams and rivers that were running high from yesterday's


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