Sunday, February 3, 2013

P4W2 Day 28 Mathiston-Tishomingo, MS 112 miles

I was able to make some good miles today on the rolling Natchez Trace.  The winds were calm and the skies were gray.  The many bird sightings today included pileated and red bellied woodpeckers, wood ducks, turkeys, and brilliantly colored bluebirds.

Then it happened.  At around Tupelo the rain started.  I got soaked!  Cold rain with heavy traffic around the city.  I needed a break and Starbucks coffee tasted pretty darn good.

As quickly as the rain started, after an hour it quit just as suddenly.  The skies cleared and I once again had a beautiful afternoon sun-soaked road all to myself north of Tupelo.  The lovely Tishomingo State Park greeted me with super cold and clear skies for my last evening in the state of Mississippi.

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